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TRIM for Tulsa County schools


Sunday June 17 the Tulsa World reported another mistake in the Tulsa County Assessor office.  "Assessor: Business near airport now on tax rolls after 15 years miscategorized as exempt; $30,000 expected annually." Sunday May 19 the Tulsa World reported "Assessor errors costly to schools" as the Assessor office staff did not notice a $31 millions sale of a shopping center at 91st and Yale. A follow-up Tulsa World Editorial Board opinion May 25 addresses how mistakes hurt us all. "Costly assessor's mistakes"  We need experience to ensure property valuations are fair and accurate.  We need Byron Burke as Tulsa County Assessor. 


Byron Burke is running for Tulsa County Assessor in 2018 to bring "Best Practices" to the office. When properties are not valued correctly, the rest of us must pick up the slack - that's not right or fair. Burke will reduce office expenses, operate more effectively, improve training and broaden staff's knowledge by cross-training in every area of the operation.

Solving Problems

Local support for public education and county services is challenged when the Assessor’s Office doesn't do their job.  At present, the office of Tulsa County Assessor is not functioning properly in specific areas of responsibility.


Some property in Tulsa County has not been revalued in a decade and other assessments increase annually. Significant commercial property sales have been missed and the result is a higher rate of taxation for everyone else.  


By improving office skill levels, creating efficiencies and setting standards of performance for every department; tax fairness for all citizens will be established and maintained.  


With your support, Assessor Burke will help solve financial problems plaguing schools and services in Tulsa County.